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Unlimited WebHosting is a Scam?

Unlimited WebHosting is a Scam?

You have probably already read articles that encourage you to shy away from unlimited webhosting offers due to the fact that there is no such thing as Unlimited Web Hosting.  After all no one can provide you with all the resources in the universe.

With unlimited web hosting, if your needs are excessive, there is going to come a point when you are going to be restricted due to the server not having sufficient space or the telephone lines not having sufficient bandwidth capacity or the server processor (cpu) not having sufficient capability to meet your needs or your instantaneous bandwidth is affecting other users.

But when you are advised to therefore select a package that does not have Unlimited Webhosting, those people who advise you are either missing the point or attempting to mislead you into thinking the restricted package they are promoting will be better.

That is not to say that they couldn’t be correct in some cases.  There are a few dubious Unlimited Web hosting companies on the market.  All unlimited web hosts will by necessity restrict you on cpu usage and instantaneous bandwidth, neither of which is stated to be unlimited, but a few will restrict you severely to the point when a package with set limits could actually be better.

Unlimited web hosting accounts are provided on a shared server and since you are sharing with other users who may also have the same rights, it is obvious that you cannot all hog the server cpu 100% at the same time.  The web host must strike a balance between allowing you as much freedom as possible while ensuring that you do not impact the service for other users.

On the whole all good unlimited web hosts are generous with cpu usage and instantaneous bandwidth and what is offered by the majority of Unlimited Web Hosting packages will surpass what is provided by any package with a set bandwidth and disk space limit…

… so with the cost of unlimited hosting packages now at rock bottom, it makes little sense to get a package that is not unlimited, unless you only want to host one domain and don’t expect to get a lot of traffic to your website.

If you are not sure of your requirements sign up for a limited package with an unlimited host and then move to the unlimited package when you are ready.  Usually that will involve no work on your part as the only change that will occur will be that your limits will be removed.

One word of caution!  While some hosts offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, they sometimes restrict you in other areas so that you have to pay additional fees.  Save money by looking for an unlimited web hosting package that provides unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited parked domains, unlimited ftp accounts and unlimited MySQL databases.

Additional savings can also be had by purchasing your web hosting package on an annual contract rather than paying monthly.  If you want to pay monthly for a few months and change to annual payments later, then look for a host that does not have a set-up charge for monthly hosting.

Unlimited Webhosting provides very comprehensive low cost unlimited Webhosting Service packages at ==> If you are not yet ready for unlimited webhosting you can start with one of their basic starter packages and work your way up as your needs develop.

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