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Top 10 Endangered Historic Sites in US

Top 10 Endangered Historic Sites in US

The United States National Trust for Historic Preservation released a list of top 10 endangered historic places in US. Annually, the list highlights U.S. architectural, cultural, and natural heritages at risk of destruction or irreparable damage. “For nearly 25 years, the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places has spotlighted places that matter, places that help us understand who we are as a nation.” said Stephanie Meeks, trust president.


Fort Gaines, Alabama

Fort Gaines, a historic fort on Dauphin Island, Alabama, United States was established in 1821. It was considered to play an important role in the 1864 Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay. Nowadays, the fort contains original cannons, a restored blacksmith shop, kitchens used for living-history demonstrations, and a tunnel system leading to corner bastions with vaulted brick ceilings.

Fort Gaines on Alabama’s Dauphin Island which played important role in the 1864 Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay was at risk of unused and on the verge of collapse

China Alley, California

China Alley, a Chinese neighborhood in tiny Hanford, California, was settled by immigrants in 1877.Today, most of China Alley’s historic buildings are suffering from deterioration and disuse

Greater Chaco Landscape, New Mexico

Greater Chaco Landscape, one of hundreds of archaeological and cultural landmarks scattered across northwestern New Mexico is used for ceremonial purposes by the prehistoric people of Chaco Canyon

Bear Butte, South Dakota

Bear Butte, one of top 10 America’s most threatened places is a sacred mountain for 17 Native American tribes including the Lakota of the Black Hills of South Dakota

Belmead-on-the-James, Virginia

Belmead-on-the-James, Virginia is also listed by the United States National Trust for Historic Preservation as an endangered historical site

John Coltrane Home, New York

John Coltrane Home in New York is a historical site where U.S. jazz musician John Coltrane wrote his iconic album A Love Supreme in the 1960s. Today, this house has deteriorated due to lack of funds

Prentice Women’s Hospital, Illinois

Prentice Women’s Hospital is a concrete, clover leaf-shaped structure built in 1975 would then likely be demolished for a new medical research facility


Top 10 Endangered Historic Sites in US: Prentice Women’s Hospital, Illinois


Pillsbury “A” Mill Complex, Minnesota

This is the largest and most advanced facility in the world at the time of completing in 1881. Pillsbury “A” Mill Complex is in danger because of reuse and rehabilitation

Isaac Manchester Farm, Pennsylvania

Isaac Manchester Farm, one in 10 US threatened sites, was built more than 200 years ago in Avella, Pennsylvania

Soldier’s Home, Wisconsin

With a danger of collapse, the Soldiers Home historic district will be on the list of the most endangered historic places by the National Trust for Historic Preservation 2011

Top 10 Endangered U.S. Historic Sites


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