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Top 10 Picturesque World Heritage Sites

Top 10 Picturesque World Heritage Sites

World Heritage sites can be found on every continent in the world and bring pride to local people living in these places. The universal outstanding values must be preserved and protected to prevent them from immediate dangers. Nowadays, tourists have more opportunities to choose wonderful destinations they expect within a series of these greatest landscapes.


This article will introduce you ten picturesque world heritage sites through stunning photos such as Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), Timbuktu (Mali), the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), the rooftop of Casa Milà (Barcelona), Amalfi Coast (Italy), Pueblo de Taos (Mexico) and Old Quebec (Canada).


New Mexico’s Pueblo de Taos, which consists of stepped dwellings once used for housing, storage and religious ceremonies, reflects the culture heritage of the Pueblo Indians. It was named a World Heritage site in 1992


Central Amazon Conservation Complex, the largest protected area of Amazon Basin (6 million hectares), became a World Heritage site in 2000. It is home to the threatened freshwater dolphins

Three historic railways including the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway and Kalka Shimla Railway have achieved a World Heritage site to recognize their importance in trade and technological development

Victoria Falls, the World Heritage site, stretches from southern Zambia to Zimbabwe and includes a 7,142-square-mile conservation area. It is originated from the Zambezi River plunging up to 324 feet (99 meters) into basalt gorges

Historic District of Old Quebec was recognized as a World Heritage site in 1985 due to the historic architecture, heritage conservation and North America’s oldest preserved ramparts


The World Heritage site of Timbuktu, a center of Islamic learning in Africa, includes 3 mosques and 16 cemeteries and mausoleums. Koranic Sankore University (pictured here) is among Muslim places of study


Machu Picchu, Peru is a remarkable remnant of the Inca Empire. The ancient city built into the surrounding mountainous landscape is best known for archeological sites


The rooftop of Barcelona’s Casa Milà, one of the World Heritage sites, exhibits Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí’s unique design style


The natural beauty and historic significance helped Amalfi Coast, Italy become a World Heritage in 1997 by UNESCO. Towns along the coast like Positano (pictured here) feature important architectural and cultural sites within their picturesque communities



The stretch of coral reef in Australia, known as the Great Barrier Reef, is the most extensive on Earth. It became a World Heritage site in 1981





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