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Top Montego Bay Sites

Top Montego Bay Sites

This is the capital of the Parish of St. James and the second largest city in the Island of Jamaica. The city boasts of the third largest population in the country after Kingston and Spanish cities.

As a destination for tourists, Montego Bay is well known for its duty-free shopping and wonderful cruises, as well as the scenic low line mountains.

Belfield Great House and Gardens

This offers an opportunity to provide a peak into the culture and times of the 18th century Caribbean lifestyle. This is a restored house found in the Montego Bay area that is part of a programmed tour of the Sugar Mills surrounded by acres of bananas, mangoes, sugar cane, coconuts, as well as a wide variety of tropical fruit trees and flowers that adorn the scenery. Your camera will not be inactive here!

There are tours on Wednesdays and Thursdays that come with a taste of the delicious Jamaican cuisine.

Doctor’s Cave Beach Club

One of the most famous beaches in the country is situated at Montego Bay. This club has established a steadfast reputation for over one hundred years. It is most memorable for the clear and calm turquoise waters, as well as the sand that is so pale that it is almost white. The beach attracts many swimmers because of the sheltered location it offers and the safety it provides.

Belvedere Estate Tour

This is ultimately one of the most popular plantation tours of Montego Bay. Get a moment of awe at the unique techniques of farming and the unforgettable opportunity to sample the famous Jerk Pork or Jerk Chicken, a delicacy that is very reputable.

The tour also involves actual demonstrations of art, as hats and mats are crafted and woven for the visitors while lunch is served at an open restaurant in the estate while people tango away to the sounds of live mento music from the Jamaicans.

Sam Sharpe Square

For the history buffs and visitors who appreciate culture, the prime feature of Montego Bay is this wonderful square that was built in memory of the life of one of the slaves, a local Baptist deacon who fought for passive resistance that pushed for the planters to accept the clamor for emancipation. He was hanged in what is now known as the Sam Sharpe Square. And when the country got independence, he was made a post-humus national hero and his honor lives on.

Crafts Market

For the visitors who seek affordable souvenirs for themselves or their loved ones back home, it would be an injustice not to visit the Crafts Market. This is done individually or as part of the tour program that includes what is locally known as a shopping trip. There are several friendly Jamaicans willing to help you with shopping and even haggle a few things on your behalf. They also provide tips for the best places to shop and how to negotiate your way into the best bargains, and not forgetting the flexibility of the vendors as they try to avoid stringent costs to allow them to sell more.

Top Montego Bay Sites is a travel guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Learn about things to do in Montego Bay, places to see and places to eat.

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