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Colocation Vs Dedicated Hosting

Colocation Vs Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting and Colocation are two types of popular web hosting chosen by businesses. Both are more expensive than other web hosts and each offer various features that greatly benefit enterprise of all sizes. If you are trying to decide between colocation and dedicated hosting, the following outlines their features, functions, and differences.

Dedicated Web Hosting

With dedicated web hosting, you will lease a private dedicated server that is dedicated just to you, in which you can host your websites. Basically, you lease a service that allows you to lease a powerful web server. If you need to maintain a tight budget, a dedicated hosting plan is a good choice, especially if you do not own a private server. With dedicated web hosting, you will be provided with all of the feature, functions, and resources such as bandwidth, memory, and disk space to effectively host your sites. You can use both the Linux and Windows operating system with a dedicated web host plan. You can download the Linux operating system for free as it is open source software.

With a managed dedicated web hosting plan, you will receive server administration and monitoring from the host technicians as well security monitoring 24/7/365.  Dedicated hosting is a good choice for businesses that do not have the budget, expertise, and time to manage their own private server remotely.

Colocation Hosting

A Colocation web host will provide you with the ability to store your web server in a secure data center that is equipped with all of the state-of-the-art security features, and the facility is monitored by surveillance 24 hours a day. If you currently own a web server, then it may be better to pay for a colocation web hosting plan. Most of the colocation web hosting plans has less technical support unless you get a complete all-inclusive host plan. When you buy a dedicated hosting plan, you have the ability to upgrade any time to a more powerful web server. With colocation hosting, you only have the ability to utilize the web server that you own.

Managed dedicated server hosting is just as powerful as colocation hosting therefore both host plans will meet your web hosting needs when it comes to performance. When choosing web host, it is important to focus on your present and future enterprise needs and budget to ensure your final decision is the best choice for you.

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