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Demand for Cloud Computing Services

Demand for Cloud Computing Services


As enterprises realize the advantages of bringing their business into a cloud environment along with increased confidence levels in the cloud business, numerous organizations are aiming at shifting their capacities. They also aim to shift their overall IT infrastructure and application platform into cloud, by forever modifying their business model. This was Ernst & Young’s last finding on Global Information Security Survey 2011. They are shifting from a more conventional outsourcing mode to cloud service providers. The report was titled appropriately as “into the cloud, out of the fog”, and considered responses from 1700 enterprises in 52 countries, comprising India. This survey was conducted amidst various countries. Furthermore, it underlines that 68 percent of Indian respondents believe that external certification would maximize their faith in cloud computing.

Cloud computing is an on-demand, convenient model for network access, where expenses are significantly minimize. At the same time, storage availability maximizes and its high automation eradicates all concerns about keeping applications upgraded and there is greater elasticity and management of data. In addition to that, better reliability, mobility that increases the uptime enabling enterprises to avail data anywhere, anytime.

Leading service providers of cloud computing services offer their clients a public cloud platform that is an advanced ‘Compute within-the-Cloud’ offering. It helps in efficient online provisioning, management and has a “pay-as-you-use” model for IT infrastructure through the web, anytime and anywhere. Other innovative services are as follows:-

* Helps customers to self-provision servers, network, storage infrastructure real-time from anywhere, anytime

* The resources are availed through a secure connection

* Helps in immediate execution of new servers with no capital expenditure on hardware and software

* There is highly-available multi-tenant environment

* Offers an advanced IaaS platform

* There is on-demand Compute and Storage

* Has complete self-provisioning features

* Immediate scalability having the same network topology and policies

* Pay-as-you-use being present in your own data centre 

* Elastic services, i.e. scale servers and storage in real time

* Industry leading SLAs backed by services credits

Cloud computing poses a radical approach of data management which can be handled locally, via an inner corporate information center or through a managed or dedicated hosting services. The method might need internal resource allocation and financial by hardware, software and employee know-how. However, an enterprise need not worry about all these things once they are on cloud and focus solely on its future expansion plans and operations.

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