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The Top 5 Vps Hosting Control Panels

The Top 5 Vps Hosting Control Panels

Adding a control panel to a VPS hosting account ensures that you are able to control your account as well as to easily administer all of the websites you have hosted on your account by means of an easy to use interface. Any of the five top hosting control panels which are usually made available for Linux or Windows Virtual Private Server hosting can be relied on to automate and simplify common administrative tasks and ensure smooth operation of the account and of all sites hosted on it. With any of these control panels, setting up new websites, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries is a matter of a click on an icon and filling in a few lines of text.

The five top hosting control panels for VPS hosting and virtual private servers are as follows:

1. Plesk Panel

Vying with cPanel for top position among general VPS control panels, Plesk VPS is supported by both Windows and Linux. Any number of Plesk VPS servers can be managed from a single interface, and it makes even complex hosting management tasks simple. Some users find it the fastest among full featured VPS control panels.

2. cPanel / WHM

cPanel has practically become synonymous with control panels in the webhosting industry, and the WHM / cPanel VPS is probably the most popular of all of the control panel options for VPS accounts. WHM cPanel VPS is scaleable for multiple accounts and can be used to transfer sites and other information between cPanel accounts.

3. Small Business Panel

Small Business Panel VPS is noted for its ability to easily install open source applications from its library, including simple blogs as well as CMS packages and E-commerce suites, with just one click. Different levels of control for different users is another key feature of Small Business Panel VPS , so it is the first choice for resellers and corporate users.

4. Helm Control Panel

Helm Control Panel is the leading control panel for Windows VPS accounts and it enables easy creation of new accounts and a secure and efficient file manager for upload via the control panel itself. It is considered the most advanced and reliable VPS control panel for Windows.

5. HSPComplete

The HSPComplete control panel is extremely simple to use, requiring just one log-in and based on a user-friendly template that makes it ideal for newcomers to the world of VPS hosting. It is a reliable and fast basic option and is easy to learn and operate. is the best online resource for all information related to VPS Hosting, virtual private servers, virtualization and any related applications and services. Stay in touch with the VPS world by reading our informative news, information and articles on a vast array of VPS related subjects, from Windows VPS to Linux VPS, from Hyper-V to Virtuozzo, and beyond.

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