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Understanding Dedicated Hosting

Understanding Dedicated Hosting

No one likes to share, least of all when it comes to bandwidth and storage space for an online business. Online business owners who constantly find their data sharing host-server space with other business may want to consider subscribing to dedicated hosting. This allows an organization to have complete control over the server or servers that it leases from the web host.

The servers used in dedicated hosting run on either open source operating systems or commercial operating systems. Cost is the most obvious difference between open source and commercial operating systems. The type of operating system offered on a dedicated server often depends on its availability, price and employee familiarity. The webmaster, i.e. the client, has complete control over the server he or she leases, including choice of operating system and software and hardware used.

There is a wider range of options to personalize your online presence when you have a dedicated server. As if that doesn’t sound good enough, the hosting provider, as the actual owner of the server, is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the server you lease.

Leasing a whole server or numerous servers means that there is a higher subscription cost. The price can be ten times that of web hosting provided on a shared server. However, the benefits of dedicated hosting are obvious – there is virtually no chance of maxing out your bandwidth. All your data are stored on separate servers, away from data belonging to other people. This serves to reduce the risk of malware, spyware or viruses from spreading and isolates the data from spammers and hackers. It’s not bulletproof, but a dedicated server provides better data protection.

Typically, a website or a group of sister companies that generate a large, substantial amount of traffic are among those who should consider dedicated hosting. Such a hosting solution enables the development of a high-end or complex business.

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