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VPS Hosting and VDS Compared

VPS Hosting and VDS Compared

VPS hosting and VDS are two of the latest hosting solutions that are currently available in the market. Hosting solutions that most companies are looking for today are ones which offer cost effectiveness with better features than shared hosting. Virtual private servers have become much popular since they offer an isolated experience, root access, flexibility to install applications and higher control level to the users. Today this hosting solution is used by thousands of people all over the world since it offers control and flexibility similar to dedicated servers but costs which can be compared to shared hosting. 

Understanding VDS hosting solution

Although the introduction of VPS hosting took the world by storm the search for better web hosting continued for higher security, reliability and stability. This led to the introduction of VDS or virtual dedicated servers. Basically, this is a Hyper-Visor based technology which offers higher control and flexibility to small and med sized online businesses. However, this particular technology is not yet available everywhere and is still in its development stage. 

Virtual private servers and dedicated servers compared

Since VPS hosting and VDS are quite similar it becomes even more important to study the differences between both. One of the major differences is the operating systems that are used by both. With VDS, Unix and Linux as well as Windows operating systems can be utilized for running Hyper Visor. Virtual private servers too offer similar solutions. However, for larger applications and websites that need more memory, VDS offers a better solution. 

Features and availability

Hosting companies today offer virtual solutions to allow their clients to have higher control over their websites. Higher security, reliability and computing ability are some of the features that are available with both VDS and VPS. All of these features are important for businesses to maintain credibility, positive revenues and for conducting online transactions. The cost of managed and dedicated servers is much higher when compared to the virtual option which makes it a perfect choice for all growing businesses. When it comes to availability, VDS is not yet easily available. InMotion is a company that currently specializes in VDS and offers hosting plans for this solution. On the other hand, virtual private servers are very popular and are very easily available with most hosting providers today. 

Both of these hosting solutions are similar in many respects and thus choosing between both can turn out to be a little difficult. However, for most growing businesses virtual private servers would be more than sufficient for their needs. Also, since VPS hosting is very easily available it is accessible for most companies today with many beneficial features and low cost.

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