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What are Domain Names?

What are Domain Names?

What are Domain Names? Why is it considered so important to have one? What are the advantages of having a domain? These are some of the questions you may have if you are new to web industry. These names can basically be defined as recognition tags that symbolize the existence of some business or an individual on the internet. Technically they are defined as an identifiable location on the web. These names are considered of great importance to businesses, as by having these names businesses can set up their own personal websites. If you are planning to launch a new business or a brand or a product, it is advised to go for a domain name. We all understand the importance of internet and what role does it play in success of a business.

Domain Names can simply either be a name of the organization or a combination of words that relate to business. Selecting a domain basically depends upon the user. However it is strongly recommended to follow certain guidelines before selecting a name. A user is always advised to select a name that is short as web visitors usually find it tough to recall long names. The user is also suggested to incorporate certain keywords in the domain, as it ensures that the website is ranked high among search engines. Another thing that a user is advised to do is think of a unique name.

Domains are registered by companies called domain registrars. Checking the domain name availability is one of the main plummeting points in the process of Domain Name Registration. At times there are chances that the name selected by a user has already been registered by some other party. In order to avoid a conflict of interest a user is advised to check the availability of the domain beforehand. A number of Domain Registration companies have started to offer this facility to its customers.

Domain Name Registration is the most vital step in creating a web presence. Once a domain gets registered it becomes the authorized name for the user on the web and prohibits its use by any other party. A registered domain name makes its registrant the rightful owner of the website. A personalized domain name not only helps a user to set up a website, but also offers the opportunity to have personalized email addresses. A personalized email lends authenticity and genuineness to business. It also helps in building reputation and branding of the business.

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