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Uk2net Web Hosting

Uk2net Web Hosting

Created on a high availability redundant network all UK2 Cloud VPS use Xen Hypervisor and SAN technology, both with multiple levels of failover to ensure maximum uptime. All our VPS come with 24/7 Support over phone, ticket and live chat and offer next generation flexibility and deployment.

Our VPS platform can deploy your choice of ready to use live image in under 5 minutes and offers many unique features. We even allow you to create multiple servers on your allocated resources.
Browse our library of Live image templates you can launch on your UK2 cloud hosted VPS in under five minutes! You can be up and running and using your template of choice very quickly and with no fuss or set-up problems. Want to make a change? No problem just delete and recreate your VPS, or add another one and create a new VPS to run alongside your existing one. provide first class servers with super fast connectivity and unrivaled support. I have no hesitation in recommending any of their services, having spent 10 years running online businesses, and using ‘WebFusion’, ‘Dedicated-Servers’ & ‘Fasthosts’, none of which have come close to for reliability, speed or support.

A TLD is a Top Level Domain and is part of the internet domain name. It is the letters that follow the domain name so for the domain name the TLD is .com

There are different types of TLDs:

* Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD)
For example .com .gov these are typically used for organisations
* Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD)
For example .uk for the United Kingdom
* Unsponsored Top Level Domains (uTLD)
For example .biz .info are used for various different services

The choice of TLD is really down to your preference – .com is often seen as international whereas is seen as UK only. You may find that the most popular domains are already taken.

Registering several types of domain name can be a good idea though, as it stops other people from registering your name and leaves it ready for you to use either right away or in the future.
When you register a domain name it is usually registered for an initial period of either 1 or 2 years. At UK2 we operate an auto renewal policy designed to ensure continuity of service, which means that at the end of the initial registration period we will notify you with details of your auto renewal for a further registration period. However, if you no longer need the domain name you can of course cancel.

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